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Dr. Swank,
    Thank you for the comprehensive evaluations on the clients who I have referred to you for testing. The information gained has been so helpful, and their families appreciate the available treatment that you provide. I look forward to collaborating on more cases in the future!

— Dr. Melissa M. Mohlman, Ph.D (Westlake Psychological Services)

Dear Dr. Swank,
    We are amazed at the difference in Aaron this fall. He works with his Mom and I with almost no arguing and stays much more focused on his work. He has been very calm and has made many new friends at school. He feels much more confident in his ability to succeed. He and I have become much closer companions than we have ever been. For the first time in years, our family is at peace. The dinner table is now full of jokes and happiness instead of anger and frustration.
    Part of this improvement may be attributed to a gain in maturity with age. However, I believe you have accelerated his development markedly. The change was much faster and more dramatic than we had hoped for. You have taught him many skills for dealing with his learning disability. He feels a great deal of security in knowing how to deal with his particular disability. He saw how much you believed in him and that you could help him with skills to lower his stress level.
    Aaron’s decline in attitude and coping skills in his sophomore year was very scary. You may have saved him sinking deeper into a hole that would have been hard to climb out of. We think his greatest challenges are now behind him and that he will thrive. You can’t imagine how much we appreciate what you have done for him.

— A Satisfied Parent

Dear Dr. Swank,
    I hope you know how much my husband and I appreciate you, your wonderful school and your very kind and qualified staff. O's progress has been rapidly evident ever since she started attending. Your expertise and specialized programs have targeted her needs, and your kind teachers have given her the confidence and desire to persevere. Your years of service to our special children is a gift. We are blessed to have you, and Austin is blessed to have a school that combines an education with a heart. Thank you for your faithfulness.

— A Satisfied Parent

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